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Greetings – Solemnity of the Incarnation

Posted by Fr. Carlos Walker, IVE on April 07, 2014
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Dear Fathers, Religious Brothers and Sisters, and Faithful Friends of the Incarnate Word,


Today is a very special date for our Institute as it celebrates its first 30 years of foundation.  A few days ago, our sisters, the Servants, also celebrated their 26 years of existence.  We give thanks to God who, in his eternal designs, has desired to raise our small Religious Family up in the Church.

The ways of Divine Providence are always unfathomable. The brief history of our Institute has so often been marked with the sign of the cross.  We have not lacked difficulties, contradictions, and tests.  Nevertheless, looking back with evangelical simplicity, it is clear that God has been very present at the beginning of this work, has always accompanied it all along the way and with love of a Father, has guided and sustained it even in the midst of difficulties.  Moreover, it was precisely in the most difficult moments that the Goodness and Power of God have always radiated in the brightest way.

This is why we give thanks to God, and in thanking Him for His gifts, we cannot fail to also thank all those people who God, in his paternal solicitude, has often sent to serve us.  In this context we do not forget all of our friends and the material and spiritual benefactors of our Institute, especially those who remember us in their prayers.  We thank everyone for everything!

For us these years seem to be a long period of time, but with hindsight, our Institute is really in its beginnings.  This is, therefore, also a moment to look ahead and ask for the necessary graces to respond, increasingly better, to the call that we have received, personally and as an Institute.

The Gospel is very clear that the solidity of a house is related to the firmness of its foundations, or in other words, with the fidelity to the will of God.  In short, the only thing that really matters in our lives is that we are faithful to the divine designs on us.  We ask, in a very special way today and always, the grace to be faithful to the charism that we have received so that God will find us at the height of our calling and that we may always and only perform His holy will.

May Our Lady of Lujan, Blessed John Paul II, and all our patron saints protect and bless us in this intention.


May God bless you abundantly!


In Christ and Mary,


Father Carlos Walker, IVE

Rome, March 25, 2014

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